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Established in 2014, SENGECO (M) SDN BHD has been the trendsetter in the LED display industry in Malaysia by offering an incredible breadth of custom, quality, durable, innovative, and award-winning solutions that capture the imagination and surpass our client’s expectations. 

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From indoor and outdoor displays to a five-meter diameter globe dangled over a few floors, the possibilities are endless. Our expertise in LED designing provides us with unparalleled skills that, when matched with the most advanced technologies, deliver some of the largest and most prestigious projects in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. 

For us, quality visuals are everything. We believe that the right LED designs can make an dull place more attractive, turn a house into a home, and make navigating your way back to your space more delightful. Our well-versed experts challenge the status quo to come up with the ultimate product quality and satisfaction and create a strong visual impact on your audience. 

Through carefully-crafted designs, SENGECO has always stayed on the cusp of innovation, serving varied industries, and being recognized with multiple awards. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the uncontested leader in the LED display world through bold investments in groundbreaking innovations and non-stop transformation delivering supreme growth and profitability to our partners. 

Our Vision

With the power of LED display and impactful digital vision, we are on a journey to make you stand out in any environment and nurture a positive change for our community, planet, and future generations. We also envision growing our business by expanding into new markets.

We support our vision by:

Our utmost priority is our customers; they are the reason we are in this space.

Seek and embrace all market opportunities where we identify a competitive edge in quality, service, and product.

Always deliver what is promised.

No customer is more important than others therefore, everyone will be treated with top-tier service.

Invest in talent because our workforce makes our company work every day.

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The Foundation For Success

Serving Our Customers means listening to them, understanding their needs, and helping them be invincible. We do this by cultivating life-long relationships and building even more confidence in our ability to nurture and support opportunities to realize their goals. 

Growing The Enterprise comes from a blend of entrepreneurship, organic growth, market creation, and acquisitions. This strategy has helped us to complete 150 comprehensive projects in LED display module boards in various sectors, from universities, airports, and banking industries to hotels, restaurants, and digital media companies.

Developing Our Workforce means hiring the best people and helping them flourish in their careers. By bringing the best development programs, fostering the diversity of ideas, and complying with itself and its employees to the highest ethical standards, SENGECO (M) SDN BHD has created a space where people of all colors, creeds, and genders can thrive. 

SENGECO LED Display product are backed by certifications


Professional LED Display and Solution Technology


SENGECO is committed to providing best-in-class indoor and outdoor LED displays and Equipment products in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

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From entry-level products to huge LED solutions, we are always ready to back them up with our professional technical support and unsurpassed customer service.

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