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Interactive Smartboard TV

Interactive Flat Panel TV

Today's interactive flat panel displays are more popular and more widely used than ever. Hikvision products are the first to launch flexible and multi-functional solutions such as super 4K resolution, precise screen projection, built-in whiteboard software, wireless projection screen, etc., to meet the needs of various local and remote collaboration and education scenarios.
Size: 65”inch, 75”inch, and 85”inch

Built-in whiteboard software

With pen pick-up detection, graphic recognition, built-in search engine, and QR sharing and saving – among several other powerful functions – these displays will provide a truly memorable conference experience for the presenter and the audience.

Friendly and efficient UI

A friendly UI design provides a all-around better experience with concise homepage, minus-one screen, and three new shortcuts.

We’ve also added a two-screen split display and one-click switching between Android and Windows operating systems.

Wireless projection

These interactive flat panels provide easy image projection with a simple two-step setup. Teams will enjoy the simultaneous projection of up to four devices, and reverse control as well. This is the next-big-thing for more efficient and intelligent idea sharing and teamwork.

Remote Collaboration

Remote teamwork has become normal for partners around the world. That's why Hikvision's interactive flat panels offer a wide range of remote video conferencing options with their built-in camera and microphone. Dual operating systems also ensure extensive compatibility with numerous teleconferencing apps.

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