Why to use digital screen?

Using an LED screen to attract people’s attention raises awareness for your advertisement while also being simple to maintain and use.

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High-performance LED display with high refresh rate and brightness.
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Easy To Install

With slim designs that take a little room and only a few accessories, SENGECO’s lightweight LED displays are easy to install and can be mounted on different surfaces in different styles. 

Fast Shipping

We are committed to honoring our esteemed clients’ schedules and project timelines. Our reliable courier systems deliver all our dispatched orders in top-notch condition and on time.

Customer Support

Our responsive and reliable customer support services professionally respond to your queries, keep you updated about your order’s status at all times, and help you with all the challenges that may arise.


Our customers are our most valuable asset, so all our services are consolidated to adapt to your budget and needs rather than having you adjust to the fit we offer.


We are careful and righteous stewards of the environment. Each of our LED display designs is planet-friendly and safe for the environment, and to be even safer, we hesitate to put even a drop of it on the ground. 

Attention To Details

Our watchfulness to minor stuff, flawless project management, and scheduling the timelines make us stand out from the rest. We are innovation and creativity-driven people with a keen eye on the calendar and your budget. 


Our prices are competitive and fair to help you save on cost but not quantity. Any unexpected or additional fares are pre-approved by you. That’s how we want to be treated, and that’s how we treat our clients. 


Our customer service, sales, and technical experts are all focused on ascertaining that SENGECO’s products offer value, quality, reliability for money, practicality, fitness for purpose, and ease of installation. 

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Where to use?

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Indoor LED display

SENGECO supplies a full range of indoor LED display indoor small pitch series. Available pixel pitches for BIG Indoor are P2.0, P2.5, P3.0, P4.0, P5.0, and P6.0. This technology combines wireless design with excellent indoor picture quality to immerse your audience in an immersive visual environment, suitable for medium and large sized LED screen installations. Indoor LED displays are commonly used in retail showrooms, training and seminar halls, restaurants, conference rooms, conference halls, hotel banquet halls and indoor commercial area.

Outdoor LED displays

SENGECO supplies a full range of outdoor LED displays and digital billboards in Malaysia, with complete series and pixel pitches of P2.5, P3.0, P4.0, P5.0, P6, P8. The outdoor LED display is weatherproof and high brightness. Therefore, it is very suitable for use as outdoor commercial buildings, digital screen billboards, outdoor billboards, stadium scoreboards, etc.

Billboard/ Outdoor

We supply full range of outdoor LED screen display and digital billboard.


Stadium LED screens are being used more and more to display images at sporting events.

Commercial Building

LEDs are the unrivaled lighting choice for commercial and industrial facilities.

Theatre (Home/ Commercial)

a combination of electronic LED components designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theater.

Shopping Malls/ Boutique

Indoor LED screens are commonly used by stores in shopping malls. They are used as in-store displays and window displays.

School/ University

We have access to leading LED display products to meet the technology requirements for school or universities.

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LED Display Screen & Module Maintenance

SENGECO LED display screens require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly and last longer.

The LED display screen maintenance may consist of:

1. Regular Cleaning: Dust and dirt can accumulate on the LED display screen, which can affect the image quality and visibility. Use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution to wipe the screen gently.

2. Avoid Water: Do not use water or any liquid directly on the screen, otherwise it will damage the LED lights and other electronic components.

3. Proper Storage & keep it dry: Ensure that it is stored in a dry and cool environment to avoid any damage due to moisture or heat, especially when transporting it to a different location or while using it outdoors.

4. Inspection before handover: To inspect the LED display screen for any damage, loose connections, or burned-out LED lights. Any issues should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage.

5. Schedule Maintenance & Repairing: establish a maintenance schedule to ensure that LED display screen is checked and maintained regularly. This can help prevent any issues and increase the lifespan of the screen.

Overall, proper maintenance is essential to keep your LED display functioning properly and looking great. By following these tips, you can keep your LED display looking its best for longer.”

Quality Policy

As Malaysia’s most trusted organization that frequently develops high-performance and quality LED display solutions, SENGECO is focused on a strict quality policy. All our inputs are sourced from the best brands and processed specifically to SENGECO standards. Then they are assembled into LED displays at our state-of-the-art factory and subjected to stringent quality inspection. Backed by an integrated management system, including inspection, research, analysis, testing, and information security, we can produce in bulk and within concise lead times. 

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